The other day I was asked how I get traffic to my websites.  My answer at this time is, I really don’t know the best way to get traffic to a website.  I all depends on what you want the traffic for.

          When I was working on an ecommerce site the company had an advertising budget.  They would buy targeted ads to bring customers to their site. It was worth it because sales on the site generated enough money to pay for the ad traffic.

          Now that I have built a couple of websites that are focused on free educational resources, I have to think of new ways to get people to visit the site. 

          The most talked about way to get web traffic is by getting ranked high in search engines.  This requires having quality links pointed to the site.  It can be slow and difficult to grow a site via search ranking with links alone.  Links take a long time to build.  You need to ask other sites to link to you or you can include a link in articles you write and submit them to article syndication sites like EzineArticles. 

          One way I have not tried is to buy traffic from cheap networks that sell pop up type advertising to drive traffic to your site.  Sites like sell packages where they say you will get any number of clicks to your site from real visitors (not bots) for a price.

          I think you should consider every possible way to get traffic to your site, especially at first, with the exception of using traffic bots.  These are computer programs that are designed to simply to go a website to give it traffic. This traffic really doesn’t do any good for your site because there isn’t a real person looking at and interacting with your site.  When you get real visitors to your site they may find its content useful.  They may revisit your site and tell others.  This is the key to having a successful website.  You can’t fake your way to success.