It seems to me that the next step in email should logically be video mail.  It's a wonder why I can't currently just login to my email, press record, record a video message, and send it off to my friends via email.  The technology currently exists, internet speeds are now fast enough so why isn't this popular yet?

    I recently had Issues with the screen on my laptop.  The laptop is 5 years old and isn't worth fixing.  But I have a lot of important files stored on it.  Rather than move all the files to my new computer, I decided to turn the old computers hard drive into an external drive.  This was surprisingly easy to do.  

The other day I was asked how I get traffic to my websites.  My answer at this time is, I really don’t know the best way to get traffic to a website.  I all depends on what you want the traffic for.

          When I was working on an ecommerce site the company had an advertising budget.  They would buy targeted ads to bring customers to their site. It was worth it because sales on the site generated enough money to pay for the ad traffic.

This article tells you how to setup the Windows 10 Login Screen so that it shows a list of users.  This is especially helpful for elementary school computer labs, where students may have difficulty remembering and typing in both their correct username and password.