Go Fund Me for Education is a great way to raise money for any of your classroom needs.  I prefer it over Donorschoose.org because you can use the money at any store for any item and they only charge a 5% fee to donors.  With Donors Choose fundraising a $200 project can cost over $250. 

To set up a fundraiser first go to https://www.gofundme.com/school-fundraising


You will be asked to use an email or to use your Facebook account.  For this guide I chose not to sign in to face book.

You simply enter your goal.  Category is education. 

They want a picture.  I used a picture of the printer that I wanted ink for.  If you sign into Facebook it can use a photo from there.

Tell your story is not like the long explanations required with DonorsChoose.org and it doesn't take long for your project to be accepted.

I simply said I have a printer and I need ink.  I want extra large cartridges etc.

It asks you many times to use your Facebook.

You can add contacts. I didn't. 

Again with the Facebook.

And again.

And again.

And again.


And your done.  Are now asked if you want the app.

From here, your campaign is set up.  You can login into your dashboard.

Once in the dash board on the right side you can see a button to view your campaign if you push it, you will go to the url for this campaign. 

You can then share this url with parents and see if you get funded.