There are thousands of great websites out there for teachers.  This month we have picked 10 of our favorites to tell you about.

1.  - This site looks simple but it packs a lot of power.  Students can practice their Math skills with this free interactive site.  Teachers (or Parents) can sign-in create a class and assign quizzes to students.  Students performance can then be tracked.  

2. - I found this site when I got my first chrome book.  I was looking for something to use in order to have students paint pictures to go with their stores.  In the past, I had always used Microsoft Paint, but my Chromebook did not have Paint installed.  This website works great as an alternative to MS. Paint.

3. - This website has a treasure trove of educational games.  Students can even play many of the games against each other.

4. - has activities that take students step by step through the coding basics using Blockly.  Blockly allows students to code in javascript using drag and drop blocks.

5. - After your students have learned some coding basics on, head on over to Skratch.  Students can make their own games and interactive elements with this site that teaches coding via the Blockly language.

6. - A video site designed for teachers.

7. - This site has a bunch of lessons and other resources.

8. - I know many teachers that consider Pinterest their go to website for finding free new lesson ideas.

9. -  This site has many free and paid resources for teachers.  You can find lessons on almost anything.  If you want to earn some extra money you can create and sell your own lessons there.

10. - This website doesn't actually have anything for English, but it does have a really useful math worksheet creator, and a word search creator.   These are great if you want to print up custom made work for your students.