I've been using ClassDojo.com for 2 years now.  I love many of it's features.  ClassDojo allows you to assign points to each student individually or by groups based on behavior.  Before ClassDojo I used to keep a tally of student table points on the board.  If a group of students (table) was good they would get a point, if bad they would lose a point.  ClassDojo has moved all of this online.

Here is what the main classroom screen looks like.


It's easy to add or remove points.


Classdojo can also be used as an easy way to stay connected with parents, either individually or with the entire class. Parents can use the ClassDojo app to get updates. I frequently post pictures of events going on at our school on at our school to keep parents connected to what's going on in their child's life.  Parents often post positive comments about the pictures that I post.  I also use ClassDojo to keep parents informed upcoming events at our school.


I highly recommend trying out ClassDojo.com, all of these great features and it's free.